RJ and I took the day off yesterday to visit the art museum and see the special Van Vogh exhibit. It was fantastic. We became members of the museum recently so the tickets were cheap ($5 processing fee). Tonight we're seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra. The tickets were a fun surprise Christmas present.
Finally, after almost 8 years in this town, we're taking advantage of the benefits of living in a city.
In other news, we got our little Magnavox back from the repair man. It sounds great! He had to replace the wires and a part or two, and repair a couple of other parts. It wasn't cheap, but it sure is worth it. RECORD PARTY!

oh, young people

I saw an episode of House Hunters on HGTV last night where a young lady in LA was looking for her first home. She liked the view from one condo and to express her excitement she said, "LOL smiley face dot com!"

Please stop the young people.


There's a vending machine not too far from my desk at work. I hate it when people buy their afternoon snack, open it while walking, and start eating before they are back to their desks. I sit at the "start eating" stage in their short walk so I get to see their first, big, STARVING bite. Yuck.

the console doctor

Our poor old Magnavox console is with the repair man. It worked great at first, with bits of static here and there that made us nervous, but they'd go away and we could still enjoy our records. After a couple of months the static got really bad so we stopped using the poor old thing, saying we needed to find a repair guy. We found a guy, sat on the information for a month or two, and finally decided we HAD TO take action so we contacted him. He works out of a shop up in Northeast Philly so we rented a minivan (seeing RJ drive a minivan was worth the trip) and lugged it up there. Hopefully we'll get it back in a couple of weeks, completely refurbished! He's going to overhaul all the parts and make it "awesome." He does this as a side business in an electronics shop and because he's the only guy around who provides this service, our little unit had to get in line.
We'll have to have a record party when it is all fixed up.
The repair guy is typically Philly: he teased us a lot, made fun of RJ for bringing his wife along, told RJ that "RJ" isn't a real name, and called us "young people" (bless him).


I still may not post much on good old livejournal, but I'd rather not post here and still read my friends page than post or read a single thing on Facebook. Why does everyone pick Facebook to be the place where they are the most annoying and show off-y? Or do I only know dumdums who need lots of attention?
I stopped reading it a month or two ago except for the occasional login to get a message, and my life is much better. The sun is brighter! My jaw isn't clenched!